f/k/a      NHCOPSA

The 2016 confrence  at the North Conway Grand.


Gail Abramowicz recognized for her many years on the executive board of NHCOPSA/NHLEAP as secretary.  Thank you Gail. We appreciate your help with the rebranding and updating of our membership.


The 2015 conference at the North Conway Grand.

2017 Conference North Conway Grand with Special Guest Derek Warburton

The 2018 Conference at the North Country Grand 

with special guests...What fun!

Celebrating 25 years since the establishment of NHCOPSA/NHLEAP!!

The primary mission of the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals.(NHLEAP) is to foster a closer work environment among the various law enforcement agencies in the State of New Hampshire, to provide a support group to all members and to strive for professionalism through training and self development.  The NHLEAP strives to:

* Commit to common goals for the betterment of the membership and the various communities;

* Open and promote better communications within the law enforcement support/clerical community;

* Provide common access to information vital to job duties and responsibilities;

* Establish a network and support group for personal and professional advancement;

* Promote the development of specialized skills through discussion, training;